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The new site is finally live! Whoop-whoop! To all my fellows’ designers you know as well as myself how hard it is to start from scratch your branding and website. I was working in the endless spiral of choosing my logo, graphic elements, color palette, how to bring to life the vision of my website into reality.

Step #1: Logo Design

As I mentioned before, I start with a black and white logo and continue polishing up from there by adding color, texture elements, graphic elements, among others. I knew I wanted my logo to look elegant, clean, modern, professional, and serious, however, I also wanted my logo to look bright, joyful, pleasant, and welcoming.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 8.25.02 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-05-09 at 8.25.02 AM.png


As I mentioned before, I wanted my logo to look clean, serious, and modern so I had to look for the right font. I visualized the “Media Studio” clean and modern using serif fonts while using some type of handwriting font for the letters of my initials. I knew I had to be careful because I don’t want my initials to look messy nor unreadable. I was very careful in choosing the colors as well. I wanted the colors to be inspiring, joyful, pleasant, bright, full of life, modern, and elegant -and oh boy, I think I made it happen-.

Step #2: Branding Style Board

The second step of my process is breaking down my branding. See, a brand is made up of several elements that will represent you and your business. The Branding Style Board is where you add those elements to use it across your business. This is one of my favorite parts to do because I love seeing how everything comes together on the board.


Step #3: Website Design

Now, for the overall layout of the website, I wanted it to be easy to navigate through the pages and display my projects.


Overall, the new site is modern, happy, clean, joyful, and welcoming while looking fresh, professional, and serious. It truly represents who I am as a person and designer.

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