Elena Ganzoni

Elena Ganzoni

Watch out guys, there’s a new transformational coach in town!


I am so excited to announce that Elena Ganzoni has started her business strong. She was looking to get her branding and website remake. She wanted her branding to be pretty simple with lots of negative space, not overloaded. Some colors that are fresh and playful and some nice details. 

Step #1: Branding Design

I started with a consultation to really try to get into her head. I needed her vision to be my vision and really understand what she was looking for. 


After the consultation, I started with the moodboards. As I mentioned before on social media, moodboards are a great way to put the words into pictures, colors, elements, and much more. I looked for colors palettes and proceed to create Elena’s black and white color. From there, I started using color on the logos and finally added elements. 


The process was long but it was so worth it. For every step of the way, I made sure to have Elena’s approval. Here’s is the end result. 

Step #2: Website Design

After the branding is all done, I started creating Elena’s website from scratch. Adding her branding and the information of her website. 


She mentioned that her previous website was a little childish looking so she wanted to look professional yet playful. So I focused on giving her an interactive website with a professional aesthetic. 

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