Renegade Coffee Shop & Bakery

Renegade Coffee Shop & Bakery

Whoop-whoop! You’ve found one of the favs of our projects. Renegade Coffee Shop & Bakery is a local coffee shop & bakery located in Melbourne, Australia. A place to gather with friends to have some fun and catch up or just visit to relax and enjoy the environment.


I fell in love since the beginning because I am truly a fan of coffee and -I am a sucker for sweets-. My goal is to bring their vision into life and to reflect their style.

So today, I am going to take you behind-the-screen of our media studio and show you how it all came together.

Step #1: Logo Design

The first step before jumping into creativity is truly getting to know my client, their wants, they needs, goals and vision for the new branding. Each new client gets to fill a questionnaire to help guide me through the design process. After understanding this important key for my process, that is when creativity kicks in.

I start my process with black and white sketches and imperfections. From there, I refine it and start playing with different fonts and begin adding colors from their branding. Once that is done, I begin adding textures and designs to complement the multiple logos I have created.

Step #2: Branding Style Board

My goal with the Branding Style Board is to show off my clients’ vision through it. Once I’m happy how the logo looks like, I proceed to create the Branding Style Board. I fill the Branding Style Board with all the elements I used in the logo including the colors. I like to add the textures and extra “graphic elements” to the Branding Style Board to use it all overall brand.

Step #3: store sign + marketing material

Since this is a coffee and bakery store, my client asked me to do a store sign mockup and a mock-up material design to have an idea of how their sign would look like in their store when they are ready to open.

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